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The Gandaki Association of the Deaf (GAD) was founded in 1990. In a small tailor's workshop in the Nepalese town of Pokhara a group of people, most of them deaf themselves, came up with the idea of helping other deaf individuals. In 1997 the Shreejana Secondary School of the Deaf (SSSD) was established. Demand was so strong that, in the meantime, 120 pupils are being taught at this school.

Catering for pupils whose families do not live in the surrounding area, a dormitory was erected where they can find simple but secure lodging.

GAD is registered and recognized as a charitable organization. As development and living standards are still very patchy in wide parts of Nepal, GAD very early saw the necessity to look for help abroad.

GAD offers to the deaf information and support. With the assistance of GAD they receive access to education and work. Essential cornerstones of GAD's work are sign language courses and the scholastic education. Extensive extracurricular activities and dedicated fostering of personal abilities play an important part in the work of GAD.

Part of the mission of GAD is also to bring to the public's and to the authorities' attention the situation and the problems of the deaf. This is essential so that national and international aid can find the way to where it is most urgently needed.

Currently, GAD has 43 members. They represent the different districts of Gandaki and Daulagiri, two counties in western Nepal. GAD is an independent organization and was registered as a charity in 1995 with the Chief District Office of the royal government of Nepal in Pokhara.


Pupils in traditional attire perform a dance as
part of an awareness campaign in 2003


Pupils of the SSSD share a game of volleyball with
a team of GAD members


The home of GAD's bureau