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Become sponsor of a deaf child in Nepal

The sponsorship program of Namaste e.V.

In Pokhara, Nepal GAD runs the Shreejana Secondary School for the Deaf (SSSD), a school for deaf children. Many of those kids grew up in poverty. If a child comes from a rural area or if its parents are workers or farmers, family income does in many cases not support sending the deaf child to a school where its special needs can be sufficiently catered for. For many families it is even impossible to send their fully-abled children to school. Often, the social situation is one of the reasons for the kid's deafness.

The pupils of the SSSD come from the counties of Gandaki and Daulagiri in the western part of the country. To some of the pupils, home is so far from school that they cannot cover the way twice a school day. For those children GAD has set up a dormitory within the school complex where they can find simple but secure lodging.

In order to help those children whose parents cannot afford the school fees, Namaste e.V. has set up a sponsorship program in 2003.

With a monthly donation the sponsor makes it possible that a child can enjoy formal education. If it is possible for the sponsor, a sponsorship accompanies the child throughout its stay at the school.

The means given are being used without deductions for the child's good. For example, teaching materials, tuition fees or the food are being paid from that. Apart from the formal education, the means given are also invested in the social development of the child.

If you are interested you can find here further information on the sponsorhip program of Namaste e.V. by contacting us.

The children of SSSD are looking forward to your generous help!